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Treatments and Healings Offered

Shiatsu Acupressure Massage:

Shiatsu is a form of acupressure massage that utilizes the hands, thumb, or other body parts such as elbows and feet, to apply direct pressure on various points or channels in the body. It is performed through loose clothing and does not use oils. I am trained in Zen Style Shiatsu. Shiatsu is a bodywork that originated in Japan. It integrates Japan’s traditional manual therapies such as acupuncture and anma, an old Japanese massage style, with western medical knowledge. Shiatsu principles are thousands of years old. Some roots date back to ancient Chinese philosophical ideas. The oldest text available – The Yellow Emperor’s Classic of Internal Medicine (Han Dynasty 206 BC – AD 25) gives us an inkling of how medicine and philosophy were tied together at that time. Shiatsu developed from Tui Na and Amma bodywork/massage. It has a rich history. A fundamental concept of Chinese/Japanese medicine is Qi (pronounced "chee"). This is the vital energy in our body that underlies all functioning.Qi flows in specific pathways called meridians. The Shiatsu therapist accesses the Qi through points along the meridians called Vital Points. Health is present when there is abundant Qi in the meridians and the flow is unobstructed. When the Qi becomes deficient or out of balance, or the flow is obstructed, symptoms arise. Seemingly minor signs emerge, such as regular colds and flus, weekly or daily headaches, body aches and muscular pain, or digestive difficulties. These are indications of the imbalance of Qi. Shiatsu stimulates and harmonizes the flow of Qi throughout the body.

Shiatsu can be used to treat many issues:

  • poor posture

  • joint problems such as arthritis

  • painful muscles

  • digestive and bowel disorders

  • sports injuries

  • asthma

  • hay fever

  • constant colds

  • skin conditions

  • sciatica

  • acute and chronic aches and pains

  • fatigue

  • muscle tension

  • sinusitis

  • bronchitis

  • anxiety

  • depression

  • insomnia

  • premenstrual syndrome

  • low libido                                                            Shiatsu is generally considered safe. However, some people may need to avoid it. These include those with the following conditions:

  • acute illness or fever (covid)

  • bone fractures

  • active skin lesions

  • areas of inflammation

  • viruses such as flu and chickenpox

  • herniated disc

  • severe osteoporosis

  • blood clots

  • People with severe conditions should first consult their doctors before getting shiatsu or any other type of massage



"My experience with Divine Intervention is that it is subtle yet very powerful energetic work. Unlike other energy work I have experienced, I was surprised and impressed with the profound and lasting affects of DI. In the sessions with Rachael I felt extremely safe and in expert hands. I highly recommend this work to anyone who is interested in genuine healing, support and transformation.

Speaking of which, thank you for all your good work and ongoing support. I am deeply grateful to have found my way to you and this amazing work you do. You  are simply impeccable. Thank you. I look forward to continuing the journey!

 Many blessings."


Sarah Hickler

Shamballa and Usui Reiki

Shamballa Multidimensional Healing is a gift from God and Master Germain and is a system that was devised in ancient Atlantis. The energies of Shamballa Multidimensional Healing come through Shamballa, residence of the Ascended Masters. Germain founded this dynamic system of healing during an Atlantean lifetime. Following the fall of Atlantis, Germain and his followers journeyed through Tibet, where they gave out three of the 22 revealed symbols of their healing system. These three symbols were remembered for thousands of years, where Dr. Usui uncovered them in ancient Buddhist texts and used them to found the Reiki system of hands-on healing. Now, Germain is bringing in the entire 22-symbol Atlantean system, and expanding it to 352 symbols (one for each of the levels back to Source. Crystalline Sessions available in both Usui Reiki and Shamballa Multidimensional Healing. Programmed crystals are used throughout the healing session to magnify the Reiki or Shamballa energy by many times. For some symbols I use sometimes more than 100 crystals at one time to provide profound healing and transformation.


Divine Intervention/Spontaneous Remission

Divine Intervention is an advanced energetic hands-on healing technology handed down through generations of curenderos from the ancient Mayan Aztec lineage. It may be referred to as the loudest most specific prayer that calls the forces of nature and Heaven hand in hand. As Source intervenes in a situation through trained healer, the laws of larger physics come into play, by utilizing a specific dimension and hertz frequency. This enables Source to come through and allow the physical and spiritual to take action in the same instant to create a miracle. The possibility that the body may return to its natural state of wholeness jumps astronomically. This technology is beneficial for all issues that require healing. It is the miraculous release of dis-ease.

     "Divine Intervention is where the impossible becomes possible"


DNA Activations

Your DNA holds the master plan for your life and Divine Potential. It is the blueprint of encoded information for your life purpose. It contains the encoded information for both your physical and spiritual lineages, as well as the master plan for your life purpose. This information determines your physical form, hereditary maladies, mental proclivities, emotional behavioral patterns, spiritual gifts and more. We are born with just 1-3 strands of DNA activated or available for use. Through this unique, sacred healing process, your 22 strands of DNA (11 physical strands, 11 etheric strands) are activated and strengthened, while unwanted debris from the genetic structure is cleared. Your highest potential becomes your reality.


" My husband and I were trying to get pregnant for almost two years. I endured fertility treatment and then decided to stop the treatment in 2012. Around the time I had a Divine Intervention treatment with Rachael at the end of 2012. I found out I was pregnant in my first trimester. Not only was my test positive I found out I was pregnant with identical twins. I truly believe there was a connection between the Divine Intervention, spontaneous pregnancy and the egg splitting to conceive identical twins. Thank you so much!"

Jessica Borognovac

Prema Birthing

Prema Birthing is a heavenly, celestial experience severing the etheric umbilical cord from ones birth mother  and fusing it with the Divine Mother. This actually can strenghten the relationship you have with your birth mother, and can release negative patterns, emotions, behaviors , etc. This gives you quite literally a new beginning and even has the potential to clear dis-eases that you came in with. Gentle -Loving- & Divine
This technique was channeled by Spiritual Master Derek O'Neill.

Prema Birthing can also clear contracts that we were born into that no longer serve us.


Diamond/Platinum Ascension Healings

Gain a greater understanding of and receive powerful tools for ascension. Attune to the very high , clear and shimmering vibration of the Diamond Platinum Ray. This is level 2 of the Christ Consciousness Series of Ascension 
Diamond Platinum Energy raises your vibration incredibly and assists in embodying a higher destiny resonance.
 Attunement to the 7 aspects of the Christ energy
Deprogams the 6 aspects of the lower self so your negative ego can take a more passive role in your life .
 Diamond Platinum Magick
 Activates your personal DIAMOND GRID
 Empowers and expands your true beauty.



Intra-Dimensional Web Working

Work within the energetic webbing of the subtle bodies. Repair holes and gashes. Clear, vacuum and strip the field. Remove devices and implants.

Align the etheric body. Learn to work with Archangel Michael. Remove discarnates, luciferians, demonics & boogies. Learn about Toontown and Portals. Travel deeper into the dimensions and Akashic records. Experience the power of Forgiveness exercises. Remove vow, surrogate and curse locks. Heal past life and current issues. Understand karma. Meet your Spiritual psychic surgeons and Guides and learn how to work with them. Heal Dimensional mis-alignments, cracks, crevices, abrasions, rips, etc. Release miasmas, whirlpools and vortices.


Energy Clearing and Balancing

Clearing and balancing your energies used for CREATION-Earth, Air, Water and Fire; Clearing, Balancing and Repairing your Magnetic & Etheric Energies; Clearing, Balancing and Repairing your Chakras;

Clearing, Balancing and Repairing your Aura.


Etheric Armour Removal

Some of us are born with etheric armor, which was created originally for protection but in most cases is no longer needed in this lifetime. This armor can cause physical pain, block us from doing the things that are most important to us, limit us and also block light from coming in.


Channeling/Psychic Readings

Are you unclear about the direction of your life? Do you have questions regarding your relationships,job,finances or do you feel stuck? My channeled readings will provide you with answers,clarity, higher wisdom and profound healing. I channel Archangels, Angels from the second quorum, the Planetary Masters and the Elemantals. These beautiful beings have areas of expertise, and according to what type of assistance you need, I channel the appropriate being to get clear and precise information for you. My specialty is channeling Istiphul who is the water elemental and her area of expertise is relationships.These sessions are transformational and create magic in ones life. Sessions are available in person or over the phone and we are available for parties and events. 


Cord Cuttings

Emotional cords form energetic links between you and other people. Although some cords with children and spouses are appropriate, most of the cords we have are unhealthy. Sexual intercourse, even a deep kiss, results in being corded for seven years. During that time, the energy keeps flowing between the two people, even though they may no longer be intimate or even in each other's lives. If the person you are corded to is at a lower vibrational level, you will give your energy to them even when you are receiving because energy flows like water from higher to lower. Once your cords are cut in this process by a Ritual Master, you are free to reconnect with those who are important to you. As a result, you can establish your relationships on a new level with new energy and a new focus.



TriUnity Healing Arts does not represent itself as a substitute for responsible medical care for the treatment of illnesses and injuries. We encourage you to seek the advice of a medical professional as part of your healing regimen. TriUnity Healing Arts does not assume legal or medical responsibility for the care of individual clients.

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